AJG Packaging can assist in the development of your dream CBD product right from the start! We can procure high quality CBD in various forms. Products containing cannabidiol (CBD) require special packaging because of the nature of the material. We offer many unique delivery systems not found elsewhere, as well as the standard glass dropper bottles in a range of colors. Depending on your needs, AJG Packaging can help you create health and beauty or edible products containing CBD and package it with compatible cutting-edge designs. We understand that you may need to start with a small start-up run, so we are very flexible to grow alongside of your brand and accommodate your requirements.

Formats for our CBD products and packaging capabilities include:

  • Water soluble film in compatible packaging featuring injection molded cases, pouches and blister cards
  • Serums and lotions in bottles, applicator pads, strips of resealable vials, and jars
  • Oils in dropper bottles
  • Food grade liquids in strips of resealable vials or dropper bottles
  • HBA infused products in a variety of packaging
  • Extracted and concentrated products in dropper bottles

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