AJG Packaging is proud to service the dietary and nutritional supplement industries, especially considering the worldwide detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The immune system and everyday health have become a hyper focus of the average American. These industries are invaluable and will continue to be for some time. According to market research, over 50% of consumers reported taking more supplements to support their immune health in 2020. Furthermore, according to Markets and Markets, the global dietary and nutritional supplement market size is estimated to be valued at $136.2 billion in 2020 and projected to reach $204.7 billion by 2026.

Whatever type of nutritional or dietary supplement product you envision bringing to the market, we can assist in the development and execution from start to finish.  AJG Packaging  will be there to support formulation, filling, assembly, packaging, design, and marketing for your dietary or nutritional product launch.

Formats for dietary and nutritional supplements and packaging options include:

  • Water soluble film (vitamins, minerals, herbs, remedies) in compatible packaging such as cases, pouches, blister cards
  • Supplements in dropper bottles
  • Food grade liquids in strips of resealable vials or dropper bottles
  • Vitamin extract, oils, concentrated water drops in dropper bottles

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