Created by Ron Lusker of NY, AJG Packaging has recently licensed the exclusive global rights to a patented Isosceles Triangle Prism Design that encompasses all materials and structures (such as containers, injection molded closures, pouches, tubes, etc.). This design allows the containers to be stacked one on top of another, nested next to one another (thereby having 2 bottles taking the space of one round cylinder for sustainability), as well as having a multi-colored 2-D prism appearance resulting from 2 different colored triangular sides facing forward with a logo on the front panel.

  • 2 ISO bottles fit in the space of 1 cylinder, dramatically reducing shipping cost
  • Unique design allows for increased shelf presence
  • Available in bottles, injection molded closures, pouches, and tubes


From food to healthcare and cosmetics, an environmentally friendly package improves the perception of the product and the brand, making it more appealing in the eyes of the buyer.

Thanks to the reduction of weight and dimension, the Eco Low Profile collection significantly reduces energy consumption during production and the amount of plastic used (-50%), thus generating considerable overall savings and lower logistics costs. While reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact, the ELP innovative range provides outstanding design patterns which enhance the creative and visual appeal of the closures on the shelf. Elegant and minimalist with understated and harmonious shapes is the trademark of the Eco Low Profile caps; the most pioneering solution in the marketplace to make any package stand out.

Our clients, based on the demand in the marketplace are looking for the following packaging solutions:

  • A single material
  • Recyclable materials
  • Weight reduction
  • Size reduction
  • Material certification-compliance


Our 5 vial, resealable strip technology is available in sizes ranging from .3 mL to 10 mL per vial in both P/E and P/P, depending upon the size of the strip. The possibilities for the multi-purpose vials include a variety of products—such as skincare, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body scrub, sun tanning products, and cannabidiol (CBD) substances. The tubes are available in a variety of different resins and colors, depending upon a client’s product needs and specifications. Single-dose vials can be labeled, or pad printed with a product/brand name, dosage, etc. Additionally, they can be filled with all the same product or have each vial filled with a different formula. The multi-use tubes can reseal simply by inverting and replacing the cap.

  • 5 break away resealable vials per strip
  • Can be filled with any liquid, cream, lotion, or gel
  • Resealable for multiple dose use
  • 100% recyclable


Founded in Istanbul Turkey, our alliance partner Push Clean has created a delivery system like no other. The container is a two-chamber system consisting of fluid in the outer chamber, and a pressed towelette within the inner chamber. Push Clean separates the liquid from the towelette, ensuring that it will never dry out. With a firm press to the middle of the container a valve opens at the bottom, activating the system. After being released, the fluid then begins mixing with the towel. Once absorbed, the towel expands and can be easily unfolded and ready to use. Push Clean is perfect for having wipes handy when on the move.

  • Compatible with many types of formulas
  • Wet on demand, always moist when needed
  • Flexible and expandable towelette with a larger coverage area compared to ordinary wipes
  • Contains 30+ mists worth of liquid in each container
  • Towelette is 100% biodegradable
  • Revolutionary patented technology


Allow the Innovation, Creativity, Reality workshops to nourish your ideas.

A valued member of the AJG Packaging network is Guido Schmitz. His career has spanned 40 years working at Bayer Consumer Health, until December 2020. While at Bayer Guido’s global responsibilities embodied ideas, conception and development of new product designs, technologies, and packaging. This included new materials, new formulations, and new dose forms, such as powders granulations, solid dose tablets, and gel capsules. Guido has been responsible for the successful implementation of new global and local packaging, production processes, and projects for Bayer’s Consumer Health OTC brand portfolio. In 2016 he started teaching at Rutgers University as an agile professor for Product Design on Packaging Innovation.

With his nearly 40 years of international experience in the consumer healthcare industry specializing in packaging, branding, design, and process technology innovation, Guido founded the company Inncrereal in 2020. AJG Packaging, in conjunction with Inncrereal, offers workshops to brainstorm and conceptualize all aspects of your project.

Guido’s accomplishments include:

  • Member of the Rutgers Packaging Engineering Advisory Board since 2008
  • 2010 member of the “Bayer AG Innovation Expert Club”.
  • Board member at the AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association) since 2012
  • Mentioned in 2016 as one of the ‘56 Inspiring Designers Shaping our World Today’ in “Print Magazine”
  • New packaging designs have won several global awards including Deutscher Verpackungs Preis, World Star, Alufoil Trophy and Deutscher Design Preis


CaseMed Engineering

Our alliance partner CaseMed Engineering is a US-based innovator, engineer and manufacturer of dispensing and packaging solutions for the luxury cosmetic and medical industries. In today’s ever-increasing mobile world, convenience in travel triggers consumer demand for new solutions to support their everyday needs. At the office, on vacation and everything in between, our unique products make life efficient and convenient. VersaPad is a versatile flat pad available in a broad selection of designs for hygienic dispensing and application of any liquid. SnapPad hygienically dispenses and applies an endless variety of products. Single, dual, or multi-chamber designs make it a snap to properly mix or activate solutions.

  • All-in-One applicator and reservoir
  • Convenient and compact
  • Drip free application
  • Perfect for ointments, creams, lotions, cleansers, cosmetics, powders and much more
  • Clean, hygienic, touchless application of products, reducing the risk of contamination or infection
  • Revolutionary patented technology



Our alliance partner, JRF provides product and process development services for converting soluble polymers into value added commercial products. End products include films, coatings, foams, gels, extruded/molded shapes, beads, tablets and other innovative product forms.

JRF brings 100 years of combined industry experience to clients engaged in the food, nutraceutical, personal care, household cleaning, packaging and converting markets. Their clients range from large, multi-national firms to innovative start-up companies.

The product development laboratory and pilot scale facilities are available to transform products from concept to commercial reality. JRF maintains strong working relationships with manufacturers who have deep experience with converting soluble polymers into world class, commercial end products. They work closely to transfer technology from the lab bench through the manufacturing and packaging processes to commercial scale.

Working with our partner JRF, we can develop a product in the following format

  • Technology scouting
  • Proof of concept
  • Formulation and product development
  • Validation of the manufacturing process
  • Technology transfer for commercial production
  • Coordination of packaging conversions


Washawaze single-use soap squares dissolve completely into moisturizing lather when wet. Formulated to effectively wash everything from your hands to your whole body, as well as shave! Just tear off the number of squares you need and return the rest to the box for use later. Lightweight and easy to carry in a purse or backpack, this unique formula contains no liquids that can spill or make a mess. Never have to touch a public soap dispenser again!

  • Stay clean and safe on the go
  • Easy to use, forms a rich lather that cleans and moisturizes
  • Eco-Friendly, recyclable cardboard packaging
  • TSA compliant & hassle free
  • Perfect for camping


Push & Dose is a new and revolutionary invention for the consumer market that provides a perfect solution for sprinkling powdery and granulated products. The Push & Dose pouch allows for products to be easily dispensed via the built-in membrane with holes. The pouch is easy to open by removing the top part and applying a gentle pressure on the edges, which opens the membrane for dispensing. A new and economic package with a dosing solution for perfect sprinkling every time.

  • Innovative way to dispense products from a pouch
  • Versatile packaging also allows for many other applications like dry shampoo or cleaning products
  • Smart closing mechanism keeps products fresh
  • Great marketing appeal with eye-catching graphics
  • Won the ScanStar award in 2019
  • Revolutionary patented technology


At AJG we represent several global companies so we can offer our clients different types and styles of packaging that are not currently found in North America or China. The packaging that we offer our clients is sourced from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Korea, and India. Our product lines includes aluminum collapsible tubes, specialty plastic closures, various bottle designs, pouches, dispensing pumps, multi-layer laminate tubes, airless systems, dual chamber systems, as well as many others.

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