Matthew S. Grimaldi


From a young age, Matthew has been exposed to the packaging industry from his father Anthony, after whom AJG Packaging is founded. Matthew’s father was the co-founder of Gibson Associates in the 1950’s which produced the first injection molded plastic closure in the USA. This sparked Matthew’s continued passion for packaging, which led to a lifelong career pursuing continuing innovation in the field and the eventual opening of his own facility. A graduate of Seton Hall University, Matthew has over four decades of industry experience and has spent his career in the pump dispensing and injection molding industries working with various global companies. He was also the President of both Solid Thinking LLC and Padtech AS. Throughout his career, he has acquired many ingenious, exclusive and semi-exclusive packaging technologies and delivery systems which are now available to his clients. Matthew has also developed a team of highly experienced industry professionals that he incorporates into all aspects of the development and execution of a client’s project.